Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Game

Congratulations! You have been randomly selected to play. Here’s your first question:

Predict the amount of insulin you need for breakfast today.

To make it easy, we’ll show you a graph using the latest technology for the exact same breakfast at the exact same time with the exact same insulin dose for the past two days:

Take your best guess….You’re wrong! You’re always wrong! But, you do receive a consolation prize: blurred vision, irritability, nausea, rapid heartbeat, shakiness, confusion, fainting, etc, etc. Plus, at no extra cost, you’re automatically entered into our grand prize drawing for blindness, amputations, kidney failure, and a host of other disorders.

By the way, there’s an admission fee for this game. Depending on your insurance coverage, anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars per year.

What’s that? You don’t wan’t to play? That’s too bad, because according to our rules, you have to. You will never win, you will never break even, and you can never, ever, quit.

Time to proceed to the next round: correction or lunch. Again to help you out, here’s your last week of BG numbers:

Have fun!


Wil said...


Major Bedhead said...

*sigh* It's like Chinese Water Torture.

Anonymous said...

It's horrible isn't it. No two days alike.

*bangs head on keyboard from frustration*