Monday, November 09, 2009

Turning D-blog day into D-log day

I did it. After several months, tonight I finally started the beta test of my logging software. This is the idea I pitched last spring for the DiabetesMine design contest, which I've been using to log my own readings since March. In June I bought a MacBook and now take that along to my endo's and look at the output together.

It's been working pretty well for me, and my inherent laziness had kicked in, and I had really stalled on doing anything else with it. Until I was contacted by someone who found the ChaosTracker website, and asked if I still needed beta testers. And after weeks of email tag, I had something almost ready to send out - and as I was writing up the directions, two more people found me and asked to help. Which is probably all I can handle at this point, until I clear up the know bugs and start looking at enhancements.

So now I have my beta test starting, with the goal of putting in a real effort between Christmas and New Year's this year and actually getting this out the door shortly afterwards. Wish me luck - and happy D-(b)log day!