Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You would think I’d at least get superpowers

I mean, that’s how it happens in the comics. Radioactive spiders, gamma ray exposure, you name it. So there was always the hope that the pill full of radioactive iodine I swallowed for a hyperactive thyroid could have imparted some kind of special ability.

Hey, it could happen.

Just think of the possibilities here. The ability to regrow beta cells, or corral and destroy the errant T-cells that have already taken down two organs. Being able to wave your hand over a plate (I admit, I do this) and know instantly the precise carb count of everything on it (OK, so that part seldom works).

Or better yet, being able to see different paths 4 hours in the future to know the precise insulin dose you should give yourself to avoid that nasty 327 after lunch.

How about being able to keep you blood sugar level, no matter what you eat? Or turn a chocolate chip cookie into a “free food” just by looking at it? Without changing the taste or texture of course.

There were just so many things that could have happened.

I guess I just wasn’t specific enough about which organ I wanted to regrow.

Because, in the nine weeks since the radiation treatment, my thyroid output has more than doubled. In fact, if it doesn’t die off soon, we’re going to have to try it again.

This time I’ll be hoping it’s the pancreas that regenerates.


Scott K. Johnson said...

While I am sorry that the treatment didn't work as well as you had hoped, I did get a great kick out of these imagined super powers!

Who else, other than a group of diabetics would appreciate the ability to know carb grams by waving your hand over the food?!

That would be awesome. I also really like the peek 4 hours into the future - that would be so helpful sometimes!!!

Great post.

Major Bedhead said...

Heh. Now I'm picturing you as Mumford, from Sesame Street, waving your hand over a plate and saying "A la peanut butter sandwiches."

I guess I didn't know about the thyroid issue - I hope it starts behaving the way it's supposed to behave.

Anonymous said...

Superpowers would be nice right now as I sit contemplating which finger to jab next. My fingers look as if they double as sandpaper. I am "brittle" new diabeitc T1 after having my pancreas removed in October (cancer). But glad I am still here to prick my little fingers LOL. Just wish I could get better control. Reading your stories today gave me a good laugh and courage to keep on truckin. I can relate to most of your stories, as most every diabetic can. I think you should put these in book form as short stories. Your a good writer. thanks mary

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I must admit I too dream of one day having Super Powers...
Especially after watching an episode of Hero's.
I dont want much...just the ability to regenerate.
I mean is that REALLY too much to ask??

For me that would mean no pesky Diabetes or stubborn Stills Disease..and I am all about a life like that.
Running through the park WHILE eating a chocolate cake.
Yep, thats my dream.

I'm crossing my fingers that your Super Powers come through quicker than mine (Ive been hoping for a long time now) and AT LEAST snap your thyroid back into cooperation mode...and THEN you can concentrate on becoming all knowing as far as carbs go

; )

Jen said...

LOL! that is funny stuff. I love the idea of super powers in exchange for some oddities.
I wish like heck that could be the case. You'd think that in exchange of constantly keeping D in mind, youd at least get a perk... I think you do. I do not have diabetes, my son does, But I have met LOADS of people that have D, and have to admit... they are a tad cooler than the rest of us. They have more to deal with, but have... better or more prevailant spirits.
Or at least, IMO, anyway.
Great blog keep it up.