Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hanging out at the D.R.I

Yesterday I had what was probably one of my all-time most frustrating D-days, but with the greatest people to hang out with. I got up at 4:30 (after 2 below-40 lows overnight) and was already rebounding high as I took the train down to NYC and the Diabetes Research Institute’s “Diabetes 2.0” conference. I did a small correction on the train (no breakfast yet, and I didn’t want to worry about being low while trying to find the conference).

I got to the conference just as the first speaker was about to begin, grabbed some breakfast, elbowed my way to a seat between Allison and Kelly… and proceeded to spend the next 22 hours fighting against The High that Would Not Die. You’ve heard the expression “glass ceiling”? Well, this was a glass floor. I passed quickly through the “maybe-I-underestimated” and “just-bolus-again-might-have-been-an-air-bubble” stages, while my BG hit the 300s and would not go down. I could see the nice little dotted-line high threshold on my Dexcom, and soon rage bolus followed rage bolus as I kept trying to tap, stomp, and finally jackhammer my way back through the glass floor into somewhat normal BG readings. I mean, if you can’t risk a low by stacking insulin sitting at a table with a bunch of Type 1s, when can you do it?

But the amazing thing about the day was, I was not alone. Really, really, not alone. While I was fuming and running through the whole troubleshooting checklist (can’t be the site, I was low all night; basal is at 180%, 5 units on board, why the hell am I still 280) Kelly next to me was doing the same thing. While the mom in one session was talking about being worried that her son would be over-bolusing for highs while away at college, I was attempting, unsuccessfully I need not add, to over-bolus myself back down. When Bernard complained he had been above his Dexcom’s high threshold all day, I knew exactly how he felt – we even had the same threshold set! And when Dr. Rappaport asked how we react when we see a 300 on the meter, I had just seen a 304 on mine. And Kelly’s quick response of “W.T.F?” was exactly how I felt. Kelly, you are my new hero!

Other people have written about how great it is to get together with other Type 1s, other people who really “get it”. I can’t agree more. If I had been home, I would have been in the throwing things and swearing stage. Instead, we were laughing, hugging… and still swearing. Let’s face it, diabetes is pretty damn frustrating sometimes. And that’s why it was so great to spend a day with the people who “get it” – with the bloggers I am always surreptitiously reading from work: Amy, Bernard, Scott, Allison, Gina, LeeAnn, Kelly, Karen – and anybody else I forgot. Thanks guys, for turning a crappy BG day into such a great time!

Oh, and that high?

After a day with no fewer than nine correction boluses, doubled basal rates, and a 3am site change by the light of my dex did nothing it finally faded away - of its own accord - around 9 the following morning. W. T. F.?!?


Anonymous said...

W.T.F!!!!!!! The day was great. We really need a conference dedicated to us Type 1 Adults

Where is it? W.T.F! lol

Bernard said...


It was a great day, and wonderful to meet you. And that high was the only really frustrating part of it. Still it's only numbers...right?

Keep in touch, and do check out Groovy. I'll bet you find it interesting as a Java additive!

k2 said...

It was great to meet you on Saturday!
The conference was certainly chock full of info and great people!
And your right, being with a group wih completely understands your diabetes issues without out having to explain is a wonderful thing!
As far as our crazy Blood Sugars, W.T.F sums it up if I do say so myself, which of course, I did!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Val! I sure wished I could have been there with all of you! Sounds like a really fun time.

Sounds like a VERY frustrating D-day, but I did have to chuckle at a couple of your comments. Especially about feeling comfy risking a low being surrounded by folks who know the deal. How true!

And a site change by the light of a d-gadget? Wowsers! I'm impressed!

AmyT said...

Hey, great meeting you at the DRI event. Thanks for all you do!

- AmyT

Lee Ann Thill said...

It was so great to meet you! Hopefully, we can gather again in the nearish future.

Around the time you were changing that set, my husband was giving me glucagon. W.T.F.

Karen said...

It was so great to meet you Saturday!!! And I swear, they were pumping liquid sugar into the air because I was high all day too. I started coming down on the train and we in the good range before I went to bed - but the rest of the day was crap!!!

I posted a couple pics and a video we didn't realize we filmed on my d-blog. :)

Val said...

All - thanks for your comments - it was definitely great to meet y'all in the flesh. And of course we have to do it again!

Karen - I fixed that link to go to your d-blog, not your knitting blog. d'oh! ; )

Scott - wish you could have made it too! If I'm ever in your neck of the woods I will certainly let you know!

Anonymous said...

I'm always "WTF" about my high blood sugars to, they like to be stubborn like yours and refuse to go back down.

Also, it was great meeting you & everyone else at the dinner! I blog too, but not specifically about diabetes. (Though I am now considering it!)