Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come again?

What the weather forecaster says:

"Increasing clouds tonight with scattered thunderstorms, some severe. Lows around 70."

What a PWD hears:

"Increasing clouds tonight with scattered thunderstorms. Some severe lows around 70." Severe lows? What do they mean, seventy's not bad at all... WTF?

... oh


Karen said...

Mwahahahaha, so funny!! That is totally what I would have heard!! And yes, unless it's under 40 it's not a severe low at all.

George said...

HAHA So funny.

Karpoozi said...

Omg thats really funny!!

..M.. said...

Haha I do that too!!

And I have a moment of freaking when I look at the time and it reads like a high blood sugar.

Geez sometimes I even see other people eat - like my son for example (a non diabetic) and suddenly worry because he hasn't had his insulin! (ah, duhhhhh)

I guess it just shows how much diabetes is on our minds.