Thursday, October 01, 2009

If you build it... (nothing to do with D)

This is where I send myself when I'm in desperate need of a "Mommy time-out".

The Castle Room, with elliptical decorated for effect:

Close up of the doors to The Crawlspace of Unfinished Projects (like half-finished afghans, needlepoint, curtains, and shirts. That visible "table" leg is from my great-grandmother's 1931 electric Singer sewing machine, which I still use)

That's Tucker (big gray one) and Sarah (little brown one), in their favorite spot in the house.


indigopegasus said...

Love it--and wish I had one :-)

phonelady said...

yeah gotta love those rooms you tuck yourself away in you know .

Michelle said...

Sammy said --- the kitties are sleeping on my bed! It IS a really cool room!

Suz said...

Cute :)