Monday, November 09, 2009

Turning D-blog day into D-log day

I did it. After several months, tonight I finally started the beta test of my logging software. This is the idea I pitched last spring for the DiabetesMine design contest, which I've been using to log my own readings since March. In June I bought a MacBook and now take that along to my endo's and look at the output together.

It's been working pretty well for me, and my inherent laziness had kicked in, and I had really stalled on doing anything else with it. Until I was contacted by someone who found the ChaosTracker website, and asked if I still needed beta testers. And after weeks of email tag, I had something almost ready to send out - and as I was writing up the directions, two more people found me and asked to help. Which is probably all I can handle at this point, until I clear up the know bugs and start looking at enhancements.

So now I have my beta test starting, with the goal of putting in a real effort between Christmas and New Year's this year and actually getting this out the door shortly afterwards. Wish me luck - and happy D-(b)log day!


Lyrehca said...

Good luck--this looks like something I'd use regularly. Looking forward to hearing when its available.

phonelady said...

Best wishes my dear and I hope things go well with this . Let us all know how it goes .

Sandra Miller said...


Good luck! I'll be interested to see how your logging program turns out... Joseph might groove on this.

And thanks for the comment on his video. Reading your nine-year old's reaction made me smile. :-)