Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wanted: day off. Will pay anything.

So I’ve been fighting really high BGs since Friday evening. I’m talking average of 300 high – about double my usual levels. Not helped by bad allergies/possible sinus infection, either.

2am Monday night (ok, tues am) I wake up with all the symptoms of a bad low – pounding heart, shaking, sweating. Test – 453. Wonderful. After a do-nothing correction (and reading for an hour rather than falling asleep and needing an ambulance in the morning), I ripped out the site, change the whole pump setup, stayed awake for another half hour to make sure it was dropping, then went to sleep.

An hour later I rolled over and literally grabbed the mattress and screamed because it felt like I was on a tilt-a-whirl ride and was being dumped off. BG still 307. BP (when I made hubby get up and dig it out of the closet) was 110/62, so I wasn’t actually dying. I guess what happened was all the sludge in my sinuses solidified around the doohickey that controls your balance, so then the slightest move sent the room spinning big time.

Needless to say, one does not drive in to work like that, even if one had a full nights sleep. I gradually worked my way over to the other side a bit at a time and went back to sleep. It was hubby’s work from home day so he came up to check on me every once in a while and I didn’t get up to have breakfast until almost ten. BG was about 270 at that point, but I’m sick, so not surprising. Spent the whole day napping on the couch with about the brain power of an acorn squash.

After dinner (BG 220 before/385 after) I took a massive correction and went to bed, telling hubby to wake me in 90 minutes to see what correction did (nothing). So I take a second correction, this time by injection, and slightly lower since I don’t want to kill myself if the first correction suddenly starts working too. This one works, so I rip out pump works and redo again, and by 11:30 seem to have stabilized around 180, which is on the high side but nothing I want to fuck with before sleeping.

So at 3:30 am I wake up to see Dex reading seventy with two arrows straight down – four hours after all the extra insulin should have been out of my system. I slurp down a juice box and drop to 50 15 minutes later, so send hubby downstairs for a big glass of milk and drink that too, then wait another 40 min to make sure I’m going up again…

Wake at 270. Correct, shower, test. 180 and starving. Breakfast, bolus, work. Test.  375. Correct.

What really gets me is the best I can hope for is a day that isn’t too much work. Which is not looking too likely today. There is never a day with no work, no matter how badly I could use one…

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Michelle said...

It seems like somehow that ought to be able to be arranged. Of course I had to actually spend a night in the ER to get my recent day off, and my R&R was in the form of not getting out of bed for three days but hey, if it's the best you can get then you might as well enjoy it!

I hope you were able to get some rest. Let me know if our upcoming visit will be too much. We can just keep on plugging North to my parents if decending with my crew is too much.