Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poetry Parody: If A. E. Houseman had diabetes

So tomorrow is my quarterly fasting blood draw.  Does anyone else get the feeling they're "off the hook" for a few days right after their a1c gets taken?  (Or am I the only bad diabetic out there?).  I've been congratulating myself on synching up my "free" period with Christmas this year - a smaller than usual family gathering of just 30 people at my house....

Anyway, with apologies to A. E. Houseman and his cherry trees:

Loveliest of treats, the pastry now
To bolus for I know not how
My blood just drawn, they’ll never know
Besides, I think I’m headed low

Since in just four score days and ten
They’ll check my a1c again
In lifelong marathon ‘tis clear
I need a break four times a year

For all the times I really try
Despite best efforts, shoot sky high
It’s to the bakers I will go
To have a treat when it won’t show

1 comment:

Kelly Booth said...

You are not alone! I have always thought that the day we had our blood draw was a free for all food wise.