Friday, December 21, 2012

In which I run over my pancreas

So I have been a Dexcom user since they were FDA approved, paying out of pocket for several years before insurance started kicking in for it.  And I was part of the FDA approval study for the MiniMed CGM before that.  So, basically, I have been using a CGM 24x7x365 since 2005.  And in all that time I have only voluntarily gone without it a handful of times.  I know “brittle” is a loaded word, but let’s just say I do what I’m supposed to do, my body doesn’t.  It’s fond of 200 pt drops in the middle of the night on the same basal that keeps me perfectly level 70% of the time...  So, long story short, I try never to be without my Dexcom.  Ever.

Anyway, after having the potato shaped receivers since 2006, I was thrilled to get my G4 last weekend.  Adding that to my new T-slim, I was rocking both an “iPanc” and an “iPanc Touch”, and had been showing them off to family and friends.

Which is why I was startled to reach down for the new Dex to show it to my sister-in-law, and it. wasn’t.  there.  In a panic, I start slapping pockets, dumping out my pocketbook, etc, and finally look outside, where I see it in the driveway.  I dash out, rescue it, and notice that unlike my previous Dexcom cases, this belt clip seems pretty loose - loose enough to get knocked off by a retracting seat belt and drop out as I leave the car.

I try to squeeze the clip tighter manually, which helps a little but not much, and make a mental note to tighten it with pliers as soon as I get the chance.

How many of you have spare time to go digging out the toolbox in the week before Christmas?  Yeah, I thought so.

Which is how I wound up driving yesterday to Colllege Town, 2.5 hours away, to pick up Number One Son and a high school friend.  (Yes, Number One is now in college.  He was eight when I was diagnosed.  I am now both old and a veteran PWD)  I had lunch with a former co-worker, helped Number One Son and Number One Friend (who has the same first name as Number One in real life too) to stuff bags of dirty clothes and guitars into my car, help Number One Friend unload at his place and finally get back home, seven hours after I left.

At which point I go to peek at Dex, and he is gone.  Oh, crap!  For a panicked instant, I picture him lying on the concrete outside some dorm, hours away.  But no, I had been checking him frequently on the drive home.  He must be in the garage.  Or the car.


With sinking heart, we call Number One Friend, and have him check his driveway, for a black box in a black case on the black blacktop in the dark.  He’s got it, so I drive back over there, and pretty much grab Dex from his hands.  Case looks fine, Dex looks fine, glass looks fine... until I push a button, and am greeted by that spiderweb-mosaic pattern all-too-familiar to parents of teens with cellphones.  Must have backed over it while pulling out the driveway.

Crap!  Crap!  Crap!  Crap!

I drive home, phone Dexcom tech support, and leave my information for a callback.

Then I start explaining to V2 what happened.

And Dex beeps.  He beeps!  Poor little shattered screen Dex is still looking out for me.  I pull out my meter and test -- 74.  He’s set for 80.  Thank you, Dex.  Nos, (spero que non) morituri, te salutamus.   (OK, its been 25 years since I took Latin, and I stuffed a bit of Italian in there too, probably.  What I was going for was “We, (hopefully not) about to die, salute you.”).

When the Dexcom Tech Support rep calls back, I explain about the loose clip and the dark and the driveway, and he agrees to send me both a new receiver and a new case at no charge.  (Of course, the current case’s belt clip is now nice and snug, as being run over by a Toyota is even better than pliers for tightening it up).

All I can think of, is thank goodness I didn’t just completely lose it somewhere, and thank the guys at Dexcom for sending me a replacement.  Luckily, I had two old Dex7 sensors left, so I put one in last night (and got woken with a 54 at 4am) and new Dex the Second should be here tomorrow.

Dexcom Support is awesome!

And don’t forget to check your clips, everybody! 


Michelle said...

I had to wait to get home to read this. So really, you had a fabulous day and when you get your Groundhog Day, this is the one you want to repeat over and over, right? Glad to hear that Dexcom came to the rescue and that Dexcom2 will be home for the holidays!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh my. When I saw the first one in the driveway I said "boy, I'm glad she didn't run over it!"

Then I kept reading...

Bummer! But glad you got it all taken care of - that was very nice of them.