Thursday, September 13, 2007


Because the first attempt to kill off my thyroid with radioactive iodine didn’t work.

Because it was an abyssimal failure as a playroom (As in I didn’t make the mess in here, Mom! times three).

Because that honking huge bed from my in-laws needed the proper room to set it off.

Because I’ve always wanted a window seat to read in.

Because we need more than one spare bed when out of town friends and family visit.

Because my BG never seems to do as well as when I’m coating myself in sawdust, dirt, or spackle.

Because my dad didn’t mind me borrowing all his power tools for months at a time.

Because if a hyperactive thyroid is giving me all this extra energy, I may as well put it to good use.

Because if I’m spending my second week of the year shut away in a room, I might as well enjoy being there.

Because when you don’t normally do caffeine, starting the weekends with an espresso makes you really productive.

Because if I do develop superpowers this time, I’m going to need a really cool secret hideout.

Because as a guest room it was just a place to collect clutter.

Because my husband got the basement for his playroom.

Because neat wall painting always escapes me, but I can make messy look pretty darn good.

Because if I’ve got a spare bedroom, I can do what I like with it.

Because our cat looks really good curled up on a window seat. (Don’t worry, he is not allowed in while I’m radioactive).

Because I’ve been a castle freak my whole life.

Because all three boys think it’s the coolest sleepover room ever.

Because it will probably always be a work in progress, but I wanted a fun work in progress.

Because that cute boy from high school English class, to whom I’ve been married for the past nineteen years, has many great qualities but is not an actual prince. (Though I hear real princes are pretty high maintenance, anyways).

Because Number One Son and his friends really like it as a place for playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Because last time I was locked in here, I got to play around with my sewing machine for a week.

Because I’ve collected really weird souvenirs over the years and needed a place to display them.

Because my elliptical really does look like a medieval implement of torture.

Because we always have more books than shelves to hold them.

Because barring a winning lottery ticket, I’ll never afford to live in a real castle.

Because if I made the whole house look like this, people would think I’m really weird, but one room practically makes me a medieval Martha Stewart.

Because if I’m spending a week locked away in a tower, it should look like I’m locked away in a tower.


Nicole P said...

It's beautiful! Love it... :)

Unknown said...

Oh. My. It's breathtaking! I love it! I'm so jealous... I wish I could talk my darling hubby into something similar.
BTW, I love that "it's perfect for playing D&D in." Priceless :)

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Val, you rock! Thank you for sharing all of your stories. I can't tell you how much I appreciate reading them and how much I appreciate that other diabetics tackle the same issues. You tell the real story of being diabetic, not the fictional ones that we all study/read I'm never going to have a bs of 300 or forget a shot or eat the "wrong" foods, etc. or that "heck, I have no idea why my number is where it is at"! I am so sorry you are having to go through radiation but I wish you the best and will be cheering for you the entire time! The room is awesome!

Anyway, thanks for being such an inspiration!

Lizi (Better known to friends as Pumperina..I used to be Lantus Lizi till I got the mini-med!)

Anonymous said...

OMG that room is beautiful!!!

; )